A threesome.

Exciting and intimidating at the same time.

I think that this term really started getting popular when they released a movie of that title. It was in 1994 that “Threesome” (starring Lara Flynn Boyle, Stephen Baldwin, and Josh Charles) became quite a hit and caused quite a stir at the time because of the film and back then, “threesome” was really new and this lifestyle was not a common thing to do.


But it’s 2019 now and the world is getting modern and daring especially in the dating world. What may be considered taboo before may now be the usual thing when it comes to romantic relationships.

Especially now, we have threesomes going on in relationships. For daringly open-minded couples, this can work. If you’re one of those, just make sure that it won’t cause a strain in your relationship.

So now you already agreed to it, how do you find a threesome partner?

Here are some of the best places for that

1)    Swingers Club

This may be uncharted territory for you, but hey, did you realize the moment you decided to experience threesome, is already considered daring as it is? So choosing where to look for it, you know you just have to go for it and be bold! 

The swingers club is the perfect spot to look for people who are also as open-minded and adventurous as you when it comes to sex, so when you visit it, people there will no longer be shocked at what your intention is since, in a way, they share your own sexual fantasies.

These swingers club also host some casual social events at the local restaurants or pubs and they open these for those interested in this kind of lifestyle. They also do this to put themselves out there and made it open for those who would love to test the waters first and get their feet wet before totally jump on the bandwagon, so to speak.

2)    Search online

There are way too many options on the World Wide Web if you’re looking for a threesome partner, but then again, practice due diligence as you don’t want to be a scam victim.

I know that you can always find threesome partners on Tinder, but there are better alternatives than that popular app.

Best Alternatives to Tinder when Looking for a Threesome Partner


This is really best for those newbies in joining the community. You get to discover similar folks who share your types of fetish or kinkiness. You get to talk with your partner about what your preferences are, what works for you, etc. This canvassing-like encounter promotes a fun interaction that would make you more comfortable when you do the “dirty talk”. 

By the way, XMatch is a trusted site amongst the swingers community as its also known for its access to fun and easy network with possible matches. What’s more, you’ll be inundated with tons of choices.


This one is best for couples looking for their “3rd party” in their threesome session. This is another reliable sexy website in the community. In here, you can check on its profiles, and explore people who have shared their sex-filled interests and so much more. 

AdultFriendFinder boasts of its user-friendly and easy to navigate interface, and this is a very likable feature for the members; it means that you no longer have to consume so much time in terms of looking for what you truly need. All you need to do is to easily target those whatever you are searching for in the first place. And to really make sure that both of you have accomplished whatever goals you have, utilize their huge database as it would simply complement a whole new dimension of eroticism or fire to your relationship.

There you have it, folks, some of the best and trustworthy sites you can navigate now in order for you to start looking for the right candidate to your threesome sessions now.

Just take note that if ever your initial pairings did not work out, then it doesn’t mean that you should stop right away your threesome dreams.

There are many options you have in the Internet. They are also waiting for you.