Of course! We cannot call ourselves a porn review blog if we will not review this site. Not that we still need to tell you what’s it all about. PornHub is probably the most popular porn sites right now. It’s so popular that even those people who don’t watch porn (I know right? WHY?!) knows what PornHub is.

What is PornHub?

Just in case you’ve been living inside the rock for the past decade, PornHub, as stated in its name, is a “hub” for porn. That may sound stupid but it’s true. It houses hundreds and thousands of both professional and amateur porn videos. It started in 2007 and has then become the world’s biggest website, and it’s not hard to see why!

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Why do we love PornHub?

No need to sign up!

Probably one of the main reasons that they are popular people is that you literally don’t have to do anything to access their content. No signups, no membership, none! You just have to type their URL in your address bar, pick one, and go off. It’s that easy!

If want to be a member, it’s FREE!

And easy! For me one of the most important characteristics of a porn site, or ANY website actually is convenience. If you want to convince me to a member of your website, it better not take my whole goddamn day! And PornHub is just that!

It will only take you less than a minute to sign up. No need to enter your credit card details and whatnot.

Vast selection of porn!

What’s to expect from the world’s biggest porn site? Wide variety of porn! PornHub’s porn selection is so big, it should be a porn category.

Really! There’s literally a porn category for every single thing in here. And I think it’s largely because of how easy it is to upload your own videos. It just goes to show how much they value their members and amateur porn artists.

They Certainly Didn’t Forget That Disabled People Exist

If you’re not familiar with the reference, it’s from a Facebook group titled “sounds like you forgot disabled people exist but ok “. As society progresses, we also aim for inclusivity and accessibility to services, and that includes porn.

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And PornHub is doing a good job with that. Currently, they have over 400 captioned porn videos for the hearing-impaired. They also have a special setting wherein all thumbnails and icons are enlarged for the visually-impaired. And to that, we salute them!

Thank you, PornHub for Going the Extra Mile!

Yes, we all love PornHub for giving us free porn and for not letting us ran out of porn. But what really makes it an excellent site is for all the service that they have been giving the community. This covers everything, from taking people with disabilities into consideration when providing porn, to saving the bees!

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Yes, the bees! If you still haven’t heard, PornHub has pledged to donate to bee-saving charities FOR EVERY VIEW! Imagine millions of viewers every day and they can just keep all their earning for themselves but they choose to donate a part of it instead. This Bee-saving Project or ‘BEESEXUAL’ as they call it is just one of the projects in PornHub Cares. PornHub Cares is an official division of PornHub that aims to give back to the community.

PornHub is also going out of their way to educate people on safe sex, reproductive health, and just health in general. They do this through blogs and videos with ACTUAL doctors.

So all in all, hats off to PornHub and keep them coming!