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Another one for the oldies!

Just like PornHub, XHamster has been delivering free porn videos, xxx photos, erotic stories and live sex shows since 2007. They have been around for so long they now have almost 24 million members and over 4 Million porn videos! I know right? Wow! And with a porn site as old as them, you can trust the quality of service that they offer. Surely, they won’t last this long if they re not doing a good job in bringing pleasure to others, right?

If you’ve been watching porn for a long time now, and by that I mean if you’re old, you might already have an account in this site. If not yet, I suggest you do so now because you are missing out on one of the best porn websites out there.

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Get started

First of all, you don’t really have to sign up or be a member to access their videos. Which is cool if you are in a rush to jack-off and s satisfied in standard video resolutions and videos with pop-up ads. However, if you are going to go back to their site, again and again, it would be much wiser to sign-up. And trust me, you WILL come back.

Signing up to their page is totally free. They won’t even ask for your credit card details at sign up. You can also just sign-up with your Google account, so you’ll be able to use sign-in with Google in your next fap session. After that, you can choose to either answer or skip some basic personal questions for your profile. I suggest in filling them up just like I did because you can also use XHamster as a social platform and add friends and such. But of course, you can always come back to that after your big finish.

If you choose to fill up your profile, you will be asked about your basic information, your gender and orientation, and what type of things turn you on. Personally, I want to commend the XHamster team for being gender-inclusive. When asking for the gender, they did not only put male and female there but also Transgender and if they are Male to Female or Female to Male; plus Intersex and different couple pairings. Their team was also awesome enough to include Pansexual in the orientation choices and I was so excited when I saw it, as a Pansexual woman my self. They also included Asexual and Not Sure which is very thoughtful. Of course, heterosexual, homosexual, Bi, homo/heteroflexible were also there.

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What do I get?

After signing up, you will be brought back to the same homepage you were in before, but this time, you won’t encounter a pop-up ad after opening a video. You can also now choose to watch HD versions of porn videos and you get access to to the “registered only content” and save your favorites in your account. And, of course, as I told you, you can add and chat with other members and make friends!

That’s basically all you need to know about the XHamster.Com! I suggest that you just sign up and explore their site your self so you can get the whole experience from these porn veterans.